Magic with Fabric

Vintage seamstress recreating styles of the past for the vintage loving modern woman! 

Are you looking for a beautiful swing dress to wear to a wartime event?  Need a vintage inspired bikini for your summer holiday?  Or do you just love wearing styles from the past?  I specialise in vintage inspired clothing, handmade from original patterns.  I also source authentic fabrics & fastenings to create the perfect made-to-measure garment just for you!

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I cannot put into words how I feel about Kitty's work.
I have a collection of Kitty Lou 1940s clothing - her work is just perfect. She pays particular attention to the detail, making sure it is finished to the highest spec using original patterns, buttons and quite often fabrics. I love original 1940s dresses, but with owning a Kitty Lou dress, it is like having the original but with the vibrancy of new, unused fabric and fitted for you.
I can’t recommend her enough - she is brilliant!

Sally Fountain

Kitty is a talented dressmaker, her style is unique. Her clothes are masterpieces and I wear them with great pleasure. Very highly recommended!

Carmen Ciufo

Kitty has been creating beautiful and unique outfits for me for several years now, and I can not recommend her enough ❤️❤️
Kitty takes my ideas and comes up with beautiful pieces which are exactly as I had imagined them....actually even better!
Every single piece I own gets complimented all the time and often gets mistaken for true vintage.
If you want a beautiful recreation of a vintage piece you really can’t go wrong with Kitty.

Louise Rhucroft

Kitty Lou Vintage exquisitely crafts the most gorgeous pieces and truly is a magician of making vintage style dreams come true! She is so willing to go above and beyond to make each garment uniquely perfect whether by using vintage fabric and notions, adjusting for your specific measurements or even recreating a special dress from a photograph. She’s an impeccable seamstress, an absolute treat to work with, and I can’t recommend enough!

Lucy Cole

I have known Kitty for quite some time now. I’m always in awe of how beautiful her work is.
I own two dresses and a handbag that Kitty made for me. The skill, detail, time and work that goes into each piece is incredible and very professionally sewn. You can see the love she puts into every creation.
This lady sure does know a heck of a lot about vintage. My go to lady for styling advice.
So happy to have true Kitty Lou Vintage pieces gracing my wardrobe.
Pieces that will last and last and be worn again and again.

Claire Alexander

Vintage Inspired Fabrics

My range of vintage inspired prints are now available from my Spoonflower shop. Perfect for making up your own vintage style garments, or they can be requested for commissions. 

With designs ranging from florals to colourful stripes to  novelty prints, they can be printed onto a range of fabrics, including crepe de chine, cotton poplin, 100% cotton and satin. 

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